Maurice Fonk Maurice Fonk

Maurice Fonk

Web Application Engineer

Been There, Done That

I'm a web application engineer with 10+ years of experience building everything from complex, high-traffic,real-time, web applications, to big content and media management systems. I have a strong, independent drive to figure out how stuff works, and learn new skills. I am fluent in many web related programming, markup, and styling languages, and have a good grasp of several others.


The world of the web changes at an incredible pace. Web applications are built using an ever shifting set of languages, frameworks and dogmas. I have had to adapt and learn. This can be a challenge, but one that is both fun and rewarding.


  • Web Application Backends
  • Web Application Frontends
  • Real Time Web Communication
  • Rich User Interfaces
  • Data Presentation

Focussing On

  • Performance
  • Scalablity
  • Ergonomics
  • Maintainability
  • Responsive Design


  • Framework and API Design
  • Domain Modelling
  • Functional Programming
  • Requirements Engineering
  • High Performance Publishing

Real Languages, Too

As a bona-fide European, I have always been surrounded by many different languages. I grew up within half an hour's drive of three different language zones. Dutch schools have a strong focus on languages, and as such I have studied Dutch, German, French, English, Ancient Greek, and Latin. I am fluent in both English and Dutch.